2022 Deeper Still Virtual Banquet

Greetings Deeper Still Friends and Family!

It’s been a month since our 2022 fundraising banquet at Bridgewater Place. If you were able to be there that night, I know you were blessed and inspired by the awesome testimonies of Ric & Jocelyn, Greta, and Michelle. Only God can heal and restore abortion wounded hearts.
If you were unable to attend, no worries!! We videotaped their testimonies so you could watch them (below) and please, feel free to share them with others @ DeeperStillBanquet.org
Our theme for the night was I am Imago Dei. This translates to I am in the image of God.

The world tells us that babies in the womb are not persons, but merely a biological mass with no moral relevance. Often the women who’ve had abortions or the men who were the father of those babies do not understand that an abortion is taking the life of an image bearer of God.
The Bible teaches that we are all imago Dei. We are all made in His image and our value is priceless in our Father’s eyes. Our souls cannot bear the moral guilt of the shedding of innocent blood. When the blood stain of abortion is taken to the Cross of Christ, then forgiveness, healing and restoration is what our Savior offers in exchange.
Deeper Still is like a hospital for the abortion wounded. Jesus commissions us to be ministers of reconciliation. When abortion wounded women and men are reconciled to God they can be spiritually reconciled to their aborted children. When the offense is cancelled the healing begins.
Deeper Still has launched 24 chapters in the US in addition to our special outreach to Chinese both in the US and Asia. The Father is blessing this healing movement because He longs to see His sons and daughters reconciled, healed, and set free from the bondage of sin and shame.
When abortion gets dismantled in our country, the ripple effect will be immense. The Deeper Still “hospitals” must be ready to heal our wounded and heal our nation.
Will you join us in this healing movement? We estimate 6 new chapters to come on board this year. We can’t grow these chapters without our donors undergirding our work. Our 2022 budget is about $500,000. We take your investment very seriously, as we are stewards of Kingdom resources. Thank you for your Kingdom investment! Click here to donate now, but please take few moments of your time to watch these incredible testimonies! 

Our 2022 Virtual Banquet

(29:14 minutes in length)
   ~ A few photos from our in person banquet in Knoxville ~  Special thanks to:
Bridgewater Place – venue
Bill Roop Photography 
Windsor and Willow – floral design

All Our Amazing Volunteers!

Deeper Still Staff 
(L to R: Sue Molitor, Julie Whitlatch, Karen Ellison, Jacque Murphy, Sheppard Tucker)

Banquet Speakers (L to R: Ric and Jocelyn Sun, Greta Bates, Michelle McCauley)  


Thank you for your continued outpouring of love and support for Deeper Still! You can make a donation HERE.    

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Your abortion doesn’t have to define you.

It’s time to find the freedom you deserve.