Pikes Peak (Coming in 2025!)

Teller County, Colorado

Thinking that she had already received all of the healing she could possibly receive for her past abortions, Maria felt that there was little reason for her to attend a Deeper Still retreat. But as she listened to the testimony of one of the chapter leaders of Deeper Still, she quickly realized that this very well could be an invitation from God inviting her to go deeper in her healing with Him. Maria decided to register for a retreat. To her surprise, the beauty, love, and intentionality surrounding every aspect of the weekend touched her life forever. And she has never been the same.

Now, Maria is passionate about encouraging others who may be feeling just as hesitant as she was to experience the same beauty, love, and intentionality that has so deeply touched her life and the lives of those around her.

Come away for a weekend of healing and restoration with a gentle, loving Savior. Jesus is saying to you, “Come away with Me.”

Deeper Still Pikes Peak is nestled in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado, where Maria and her husband David reside.

*All retreats are free of charge. Lodging and meals are provided.

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