Abortion is a Spiritual Issue

“You shall not pollute and defile the land in which you live, for [shedding of innocent] blood pollutes and defiles the land. No atonement can be made for the land for the [innocent] b

“You shall not pollute and defile the land in which you live, for [shedding of innocent] blood pollutes and defiles the land. No atonement can be made for the land for the [innocent] bloodshed in it, except by the blood of him who shed it.” Numbers 35: 33

Above all else, abortion is a spiritual issue. Abortion has many consequences, but one often overlooked or not taken into consideration is what happens spiritually when innocent blood is shed on the land.

Innocent bloodshed on the land empowers the darkness in our country. The enemy of our souls has gained access in areas of our country due to this spiritual consequence. And we as a nation are largely oblivious to this spiritual truth.

Pro-choice advocates not only deny the life taken and harmful effects of abortion on the women who are exercising their right to choose, but also are unaware of the spiritual after-effects that are happening as a result of this bloodshed.

There are those who believe there are all kinds of justification for the shedding of innocent blood. People even believe that it is right for one to suffer for the good of many or for some to be disposed of for the good of the masses. This is a common philosophy among the population control advocates. Governments dictate what is considered best for the people and make themselves into a god-like form with powers to declare what is right and good and best for all.

A good example of the evils of this was depicted in the recent Avengers movie Infinity War. The villain in this story believed he was doing the universe a favor by destroying life, even the life of his own daughter. (Sorry for the spoiler.) His belief was she was worth the sacrifice in order to save the planets.

It is a twisted thought process rooted in anti-Christ theology. Some people may even point to Jesus as an example of sacrificing one person in order to save the multitudes. Pardon me for a moment as I untwist this tangled mess.  Jesus was not sacrificed by anyone. He willingly laid down His life out of His love for humanity. No one made Jesus do anything. No one took His life. It is not the same, not even close.

Poverty and disease and all other manner of evils are out there as a justification for killing people.  Poverty in many countries is a result of evil government control and it is not going to end no matter how many citizens are killed. Even in America, we can see the hardships of poverty and the devastation it brings to people. Would we ever suggest killing innocent people to end poverty? However, that is what we do when we defend abortion as a solution to the ills of the world. Is the answer more abortion? Is the answer more evils to counteract the evils?

There is a vicious cycle of death due to abortion and the shedding of innocent blood. The land becomes cursed because of the idolatry and innocent bloodshed on the land. These iniquities open doors for judgments on the land. Killing the unborn and innocents only adds to the debt that brings judgment and curses. As a result, the enemy becomes empowered and more and more death and destruction can take place. When will it end? When will this cycle cease?

The cycle can only cease as we repent, pray, push back the darkness and regain the land. We can take back the land through prayer and pleading the powerful blood of Jesus Christ, the One who atones for all. We can take back the land through using our voices to proclaim truth throughout our nation and the nations of the world. Step by step, prayer by prayer we can reclaim our land and plant spiritual flowers of life, bringing blessing.

We are in a moment in history where Roe vs Wade could really be overturned. What a beautiful cycle of restoration it would be for the curses to be reversed into life and blessing on the land. This blessing could cause a chain reaction of life spreading and healing of the land taking place throughout our nation and world.  

Father, forgive our nation for the shedding of innocent blood. Lord, we ask for you to forgive us and have mercy on our nation and lands. Jesus, Your blood turns back all curses and atones for all sins. We plead the blood of Jesus over our people and land. Lord, even though we don’t deserve it, will you allow Supreme Court Justices to be appointed who will stand for life and overturn the unjust ruling of Roe Vs Wade. We cry out to you for our land. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Your abortion doesn’t have to define you.

It’s time to find the freedom you deserve.