Every aborted child had a mother and a father.

Abortion is not only a women’s issue, but is also deeply impactful on the fathers involved.

If you’ve fathered a child that was aborted, whether you were involved in the decision or not, your heart matters and Jesus wants to bring you healing and lasting freedom.

It might feel like you’re alone in your guilt and shame.
You are not.

Hear from other men who have walked the road you’re currently on and how Jesus restored their hearts back to himself.

Men don’t always like to feel their emotions, but it’s important for you to process them in a healthy way.

Jesus can handle whatever you’re feeling, and he’s ready to heal the shame and hurt you’re experiencing.

Deeper Still Retreats are:


Free of charge

Include men who have been where you are

A safe and confidential environment

Upcoming Retreats

Taking the first step is the hardest part.

If you reach out, we’ll walk right beside you through the entire retreat.


Attend a retreat

We know there is more to your story than your abortion(s). Come be seen, heard, accepted and loved well by people who have walked similar paths in a safe and welcoming environment.


Trust the process

God wants to tenderly walk you through your painful past into the healing and hope He has for you today and for the future! Be encouraged! He always shows up and meets you right where you are, with exactly what is needed.


Experience healing and lasting freedom

In just 3 short days – one weekend away – as you trust in Him, your life will literally be transformed by the power of His great love for you!

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Tampa Bay Fall 2023

Jackson, MS

Your abortion doesn’t have to define you.

It’s time to find the freedom you long for.