Awakening on the Water

Something Blue

“You have made my heart beat faster, my sister, my bride; You have made my heart beat fast with a single glance of your eyes.”  Song of Solomon 4:9

Dear Heavenly Father, Your love is incomprehensible.  We ask for you to awaken your bride from her slumber.  Father, will you awaken your bride and stir up in her a desire for more of You.  Will you awaken your people to their need for You and for how the body of Christ needs healing?  May we not go our own way but instead move as You move.  Move on our hearts oh Lord.  Move us to move in prayer. Move us to move.  In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

While at the beach this summer, I felt the Lord impressed the following words in my spirit.  It was a beautiful time reflecting on His presence and His peace.

“Water is a vessel.  It can carry things.  It moves things.  Water in and of itself is still.  Quiet.  You are a vessel.  Be still and know that I am God.  Be still.  Water is still but when the wind blows upon it and currents rush through it, it gets stirred.  Waves form and it becomes POWERFUL.  But first it must be still.  If it were to be resistive to the flow and wind and try to go its own way in its own power, it would miss the true power and potential it has to create force and move the way I intend for it to move.  Water doesn’t have a will of its own so as the wind blows, it moves and power is created.

You as a vessel must remain still in this same way.  Be still and as you are still, I can move.  I can be the wind that moves you and power can flow.  It is my wind, my flow that produces power.  Be still.  When you get worried or try to go your own way or force things to happen on your own, I cannot move as powerfully as I’d like.  Be still.

Being still means letting go.  It is more vulnerable to be still for you are letting go of your control and power, leaving yourself vulnerable.  There is a vulnerability in the still as you wait and rely on my strength.  You are still.  Waiting for me to move.  It goes back to what I said to you earlier this year, the way to move forward is to be still.

To be vulnerable is to give up control.   It is putting yourself in a position without walls…just out there.  Like Floating in an ocean.

When you are floating, you cannot see what is beneath you, You really don’t have much control over where you are going unless you put your foot down, but that is taking back control.  You have no idea what is beneath you or coming at you or what has swum by you.  It’s all about letting go.  It’s about letting the wind move you, trusting the wind, trusting the Lord has you and is protecting you. “

The deeper you go, the more you have to trust me.  The deeper you go, the bigger the fish get.  You have to trust me.  And the deeper you go, there is no longer the security and safety of putting your feet down.  You WILL be vulnerable.  and you have  to trust me.”

In the deep waters is where we build our trust muscles.  As the security of the sand dissipates, we can only rely on the Rock.

As a ministry team, we are floating on the water holding hands or locking arms while floating.  Joy comes in the strength of trusting Jesus together.  Waiting can be about God’s sovereign timing, but it can also be about what moves the heart of God to move.  As we sing in unity over the waters, the heart of the Bridegroom is stirred.  We sing for the bride of Christ to wake up from slumber and be desperate for Him.

Out in the deep, we are unable to move in the direction of the divine will of the Father without the power of the wind and currents moving us to move. We are desperate for the hand of God.

“You have made my heart beat faster, my sister, my bride; You have made my heart beat fast with a single glance of your eyes.”  Song of Solomon 4:9

Will you sing with us and praise Him and call forth His compassions to move on behalf of His people?  It is time for an awakening.  It is time for the bride to be ready to meet her Groom.


Your abortion doesn’t have to define you.

It’s time to find the freedom you deserve.