Atlanta, GA

Julie Thomas is a native Georgian with 2 grown children and 3 grandchildren.

Twenty-Three years after her abortion she attended a post-abortive Bible study at her local pregnancy center where she was Volunteering. She was then committed to facilitating that same Bible study the following year and did that for 18 years.

Although she realized that she had received some healing she still felt though her heart was not completely healed. She was the Georgia State Leader of Operation Outcry, another great post-abortion organization. While researching other post abortion organizations she discovered Deeper Still and attended her retreat in Knoxville in 2014. She returned from that retreat with a healed heart and great excitement. She was committed to bringing Deeper Still back home to Georgia.

She began one of the first Chapters of Deeper Still. While she believes that we are not going to be fully healed until Jesus calls us home, she is committed to helping men and women to receive the forgiveness that God has already given us. She is grateful for having a very committed and close knit team and is committed to helping women and men receive the forgiveness that Jesus has for all of us.

Deeper Still truly changed her life, will you let it do the same for you?

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