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Hello my name is Jackie Conrad I live near Chicago, Illinois. I have been married for 38 years and I am the mother of four children and I have one grandchild.

As a young girl I experienced the trauma of abortion in my life. I had three abortions before age twenty-three. I later experienced emotional and spiritual problems that led me on a journey for healing. After years of suffering depression, I found that healing at a church service where I was able to repent for the abortions and find the Savior Jesus Christ after that I was led to a Post Abortion Bible study that changed my life. Shortly after that I began to lead others to healing from their abortion pain through that Bible study, eventually I attended my own Deeper Still retreat where I found more profound and deeper healing.

The Lord has called me to be the Executive Director of the Deeper Still chapter in Chicago, we intend to be a diverse chapter helping abortion-wounded people in the inner city and suburbs of Chicago find healing and freedom from their past abortions.

The Chicago chapter of Deeper Still hosts its retreat at a beautiful lakeview retreat center where you will find refuge for your busy soul. Our trained team members will be attentive to your physical needs and help you focus on the healing and restoration Jesus wants bring to your heart.

Our retreats are free of charge, but a Deeper Still retreat can be one of the most valuable things in which you have ever invested your time.

To learn more about our retreats visit our FAQ page.

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October 27th - 29th, 2023 (women only)