Is Everyone Called to Share Their Testimony

“When your son asks you in time to come, saying, ‘What is the meaning of the testimonies, the statutes, and the judgements which the Lord our God has commanded you?’ Then you will say to your son; ‘We were slaves of Pharoah in Egypt, and the Lord brought us up out of Egypt with a mighty hand.'” Deuteronomy 6:20-21

Father, I pray for those who have been healed and set free to find courage and find their voice to share how they were once slaves but now are free, to tell others of your forgiveness and grace and help others find freedom as well.  Lord, I pray they would share for the generations that follow to know the truth.  In Jesus’ Name amen.

There was a time when if you had asked me if I thought everyone was called to share their story, I would have said no.  In fact, I did tell someone exactly that answer.

In 2008, I shared my testimony of healing from my abortion at my home church.  Afterwards, a friend came up to me timidly and confided in me that she too was post-abortive. With fear in her eyes, she asked me if I thought she had to share her story.  I told her I didn’t think everyone was called to share their story.  Now, I hold a different view.

Will everyone be called to speak in front of a church or to a large group of people?  Perhaps not.  However, there will come a time, I believe, when God asks you to give testimony to the healing you have received in order to help someone else become free.  See, when God heals, it is not only for you.  Yes, it is most definitely for you, but it is also His desire for you to show others the path to freedom in Him.The enemy would like nothing more than for God’s daughters and sons to remain silent.

I completely understand not wanting to share.  It is hard to share the darkest and most difficult times of our lives.  However, if you will oblige me, can I ask you a question?  Why?  What is your reason for keeping your healing to yourself?  Did God tell you to?  Has the Holy Spirit not prompted you to share?  That could very well be the case.  God has perfect timing.  But, if the reason is rooted in fear–fear of man–fear of what will people think, then I think you need to really seek the Lord and follow Him in whatever He leads you to do.  Fear is never a good reason to keep silent.  In fact, if you discover it is fear holding your tongue, I would strongly encourage you to find a safe friend and share what the Lord has done to free you!

One thing I know–“We overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony.”  If we aren’t free to share, we need to share to be free!

In the movie, “The Heart of the Sea”, the story of Moby Dick that came out recently, there was a line that brought my spirit to attention when it hit my ears:

“The devil loves unspoken secrets.  Especially those that fester in a man’s soul.”

The enemy would love nothing more than for God’s daughters and sons to remain silent.

People need to hear our stories.  Those considering abortion need to hear the truth.  Those still suffering  in silent shame need to know there is healing, freedom and hope.

The next generation needs to hear our stories.  Our children need to hear of the glory of God.  If we remain silent, our stories die and glory fades.  Silence risks breeding the repetition of. slavery.

In the verse above, we are asked a question, “What is the meaning of the testimonies?”  Or in my words, “Why do we share our stories?”

The answer is simple and found in the following verse.  We share because:

Once we were slaves, but now we are free!  The Lord has brought us out with a might hand!!

Let’s shout it from the mountain tops!

Your abortion doesn’t have to define you.

It’s time to find the freedom you deserve.