Mingling with Idols

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“But they mingled with the [idolatrous] nations and learned their ways, and served their idols, which became a [dreadful] snare to them.” Psalm 106:35

Father, forgive us for our complacency and acceptance of what our culture says is normal and common. Father, may our thoughts and measure of what is true, right and good line up with the standards of your Holy Word.  Help us rightly divide Your truth from what is false and stand up for Your truth.  In Jesus’ Name.

My daughter and I were watching a popular talent show on the television the other day.  Some of the acts were funny, others were inspiring. Seeing the gifts and talents the Lord has given others is wonderful. We are all uniquely and divinely created for His purpose and glory. 

One act was a group of talented male dancers from another country. The act was impressive as these well synced young men danced in choreographed harmony. The audience and judges were taken by surprise when all these men changed shoes at one point and put on gold high heels.  Yes, men in gold high heels. The judges and audience applauded the shock factor of their costume change.

My eleven-year-old daughter leaned over to me in a factual voice and said, “This is the world we live in.”

She is right. This is the world we live in. However, it doesn’t mean we are of this world nor have to accept the standards the world sets for us.

The standards around the world for right and wrong, what is legal and illegal are varying.  God’s Word never varies and His standards never change. 

Culture attempts to dictate to us what is acceptable and true, but culture isn’t the measuring stick.

God warned the Israelites not to mingle with the idolatrous nations and learn their ways and serve their idols because these ways would become a snare to them. It is no different today. Sex before marriage and living as married but not is commonplace. Homosexuality is more and more commonplace and accepted. The transgender issue.  Abortion.  

There are Christians who are blind and numb to the truth of God’s ways. These sins place self above God. No condemning here, just stating truth. My heart is to see people free from all bondage, whatever form it takes. God says my people perish for lack of knowledge. What is seen as commonplace in culture can be sin in the eyes of God. Our culture continually denies and pushes the line. Accepting sin never frees or helps anyone, it only pushes them further into bondage. Sin hinders relationship with God and left unchecked leads to spiritual death.  

In cultures and countries around the world, abortion is not only accepted but celebrated. In some countries, abortion is considered “normal” and we have heard several times from different people in other countries, “Abortion is just what we do.”

Callousness comes from cultural conditioning until what was once unthinkable becomes a way of life. Cultural change in standards doesn’t happen as fast as boys changing into gold high heeled shoes off the stage. If it did, we would be shocked and even perhaps reject it. Instead, it happens incrementally until little by little it becomes normal. Cultural decline happens one compromise at a time until we look back and think, “How did we get here?”

May we be diligent in keeping our eyes on the truth of God’s Word so we are not deceived. May we teach our children the truth of God’s Word, His ways and standards. Otherwise, the world around us will imprint its own system of values and measurements of right and wrong, good and evil on our hearts. We must not lose sight of what is true, good and right—a standard only set by the truth of God’s Word, which is not negotiable.

If we just acquiesce to accepting “This is the world we live in”, then we should not be surprised or shocked by whatever comes out from behind the curtain onto the stage of life. We are called to be in this world but not of this world.  I pray that we would live according to God’s ways and not be caught in the snares of the idols of this world. It is easy to trip in gold high-heeled shoes, just sayin’.



Your abortion doesn’t have to define you.

It’s time to find the freedom you deserve.