Prayer for Chapter Leader Conference

Three stranded cord

“Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.” Ecclesiastes 4:12

Father, how amazing are you! Thank you for how you are expanding the ministry of Deeper Still across the nation and into the world. Father, we ask for this first chapter leaders conference to be full of many blessings from you for each person coming. We ask for you to strengthen and encourage each leader and impart your wisdom and knowledge. Father, I pray that as we come together, that iron would sharpen iron and together we would be strengthened united in your purpose to heal the brokenhearted and set the captives free. In Jesus’ Mighty name, Amen. 

Next week, the Deeper Still ministry will hold its first Chapter Leaders Conference. There will be thirty people coming representing ten chapters from nine states and one international chapter leader. How the Lord has been expanding the Deeper Still Ministry is amazing. 

The Lord doesn’t call us to do ministry alone. Jesus even had a team of twelve. Team is a foundation of the Deeper Still ministry. A team comes together and everyone brings his/her own strengths, gifts, talents, and abilities. When this functions properly, the team becomes a picture of the body of Christ working together to accomplish Kingdom purposes. 

A cord with only one strand is not as strong as a cord with three strands. This scripture is often used in weddings and was used in mine as well. The pastor performing the ceremony held up a rope, and used this scripture as a reference explaining each of us is one strand and the Holy Spirit is the third strand. Good analogy and true. 

This can also be applied to ministry. One strand is the individual person, the other is the team Jesus has put together around us, with the third strand being the Holy Trinity. All three are needed. We need community, the body of Christ, around us for healthy living and ministry. We need Jesus, and we need each other. 

Next week as we meet to gird up these leaders, called women and men of God to a common and higher purpose, I pray their hearts would be knit together in unity and for each to be strengthened as they come together with the Holy Spirit. Let them hold on first to you, Lord, and then come around one another to encourage each other that they may not be easily broken. 

Praise God for all He is doing to expand and grow the Deeper Still ministry! 

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