Surrendering the Dark

“Jesus said, ‘Take away the stone.’ Martha, the sister of him who was dead, said to Him, ‘Lord, by this time there is a stench, for he has been dead four days.’ Jesus said to her, ‘Did I not say to you that if you would believe you would see the glory of God?’ Then they took away the stone from the place where the dead man was lying.”  John 11:39-41
Father, will you awaken those laying in the dark?  Will you stir within your people to roll away the stone and reveal those places that are hidden and dead to allow your resurrection power to bring forth life and restoration all for Your glory.  In Jesus’ Name, Amen.  
We live in an abortion-wounded world.  One in three women  have had an abortion, and that isn’t even mentioning the men also affected by fathering a child who is aborted.   What does an abortion-wounded world look like?  From the outside, it may appear quite normal.   The abortion-wounded can even look rather put together.  
We can become experts in hiding our secret.  Perhaps the secret is nestled away in a box hidden in a corner of the heart with a gigantic stone rolled in front .  Put on some lipstick, a pretty lace-trimmed blouse, high heels, and well-manicured nails, and from the outside, all may appear well.  But, what is dead hidden in the dark, cannot remain hidden forever.  It will eventually start to stink.  And that stink will not disappear until the box is opened and Jesus is allowed to resurrect what was once dead.  
God is just waiting for us to lead Him to the place where we need a resurrection. God can resurrect regardless, but He is a gentleman and He won’t open the box unless we give Him access.  He may cause the stink to increase, but it is still our decision to allow Him to resurrect the dead and dark areas hidden in our hearts.  
What would happen if every single abortion-wounded person allowed God to come in and roll the stone away from their dead places and resurrect life into their soul and spirit?  I believe the world wouldn’t be able to contain the glory that would result.  I believe the world would come to itself and see abortion as the atrocity and horror that it is.  I believe abortion would end.  
In the verse above it says, “Jesus said to her.  ‘Did I not say to you that if you would believe you would see the glory of God?’”
What once brought death, destruction and darkness can now be used to bring life, liberty, and light all for the glory of God.  All that is needed is to allow God to roll away the stone!  
But so many times, we resist and say, “Wait a minute Lord.  If you roll away the stone, if you open that box, it is going to stink! Do you know how long that has been dead?  Do you know how long I have kept this secret?  Lord, are you sure you want to open that?!”  Or we might say, “Lord, you know I’ve already dealt with all that.  I know you have forgiven me.  What is the point of rolling away that stone?!  Let’s just keep all that closed away behind a big honking rock.”  
But the Lord says, “I want to bring life.  I want to resurrect and do an even greater work!  And if you believe me, you will see the glory of God!”  

All of this leaves us with a choice.  We can choose to keep our dead secrets hidden in the dark or we can choose to surrender the dark and allow the Lord access to roll away the stone and bring light and life to what was once dead.  Will you choose to surrender and then watch and you will see the glory of God!  

Your abortion doesn’t have to define you.

It’s time to find the freedom you deserve.