Tale of Two Women

“For You have delivered my soul from death. Have You not kept my feet from falling. That I may walk before God in the light of the living.” Ps 56:13
Oh Lord, I pray for those with abortion-wounded hearts to seek more of You. Father, deliver their soul from death. Even those who have a degree of freedom and healing, will you stir up in them a desire for more of You! I pray they would receive all you have for them, come out of the darkness of hiding and be able to walk before you in the light of the living. In Jesus’ name, Amen.
This week’s devotional was written by Jacque Murphy, the Director of Administration for the Deeper Still Ministry. Thank you Jacque for contributing to the devotional today!
“Recently, my husband, Darryl, and I went out shopping. We entered a local store. While
searching for that perfect something, someone who I had recently met walked in the store. This recent acquaintance was a divine appointment set up by the Lord. I had met with her to talk about Deeper Still and discovered through our conversation that she was post-abortive. I had encouraged her to come to a Deeper Still retreat, but sadly, she had not yet decided to attend. Excited to see my new friend, I walked over to say hi. She looked at me with surprise, and for a moment it seemed she had forgotten we met.

Sensing she was uncomfortable at our random meeting, I said, “It’s good to see you again.” She just smiled and nodded her head. Her face told me she didn’t want to talk with me. Backing away, I went looking for Darryl. When we were leaving the store, we passed by each other, but did not look at me, nor did she seem to want to talk. I looked at her softly and said goodbye. She did not respond.

The interaction was strange and awkward. I really didn’t know what to think about it all. I asked the Lord about it later, and felt like He said he wanted to keep Deeper Still in front of her. I didn’t expect to hear that response. But felt like the Lord was working on her heart.

The next day, I ran into another lady while I was at Walmart. This lady worked there. I was noticing her and ask her if we had met before, and she said I looked familiar too. No one was around, so I asked her if she had ever come to a retreat called Deeper Still, and immediately she said yes!! She came around the counter and gave me the biggest hug. She told me how much that retreat meant to her and how her life had been changed forever through Deeper Still!

So interesting how the Lord works. I felt like He was showing me the difference between these two ladies. One not healed, and the other, healed and free. When not healed, they are not free and want to hide and feel shame and guilt.  But once healed and free, what a difference! The second lady came out of hiding and was ready to embrace others. Her heart was open, and looking for an opportunity to embrace that freedom! Such a contrast between the two! One lady is walking in the Light and the other lady is walking in darkness, and doesn’t even realize it. “

There is an unexplainable resistance to freedom.  I resisted more freedom for years and coaxed my complacency with thinking I was fine and didn’t need more. Somehow we think seeking healing negates the freedom and healing already received. Admitting weakness and having the vulnerability to recognize that there is a need for more takes humility. Seeking more help and health isn’t a sign of weakness but of strength. With Jesus, there is always deeper. Deeper still.

Your abortion doesn’t have to define you.

It’s time to find the freedom you deserve.