Testimony of Healing

The message of the gospel is absolutely true.

Lisa Mackie, one of our Deeper Still chapter leaders, was recently interviewed on the podcast Faith, Hope, and Love hosted by Bud and Ames. In this interview, Lisa shares her powerful story of redemption and healing through Jesus Christ. 

One of the statements Lisa said that gripped my heart was when she said, “I never told anybody [I had an abortion] for 29 years. I couldn’t even say the word for abortion for 29 years.” 

My heart sank when I heard she never told anyone for 29 years. What a tremendous burden to bear and secret to carry all those years. 

The following is more of her story. It is not the entire story, but rather segments of the podcast to give you an insight into the heart of a woman wounded from abortion before healing, the hope of healing, and the change after healing.

I encourage you to go to the end of this post and listen to the entire podcast. It is such a beautiful testimony and she shares so many details about her story and truly gives a glimpse of her heart through this journey of healing. What a privilege and sacred place to be invited into a person’s heart and journey of healing. Praying you are blessed by her courage and story today.

“I always had this fear that somebody would find out what I’d done. So you definitely learn to build walls because you don’t want anyone to know that you made this horrible decision.” 

“My relationships were a train wreck. Because you don’t believe you deserve a good person.” 

“You don’t think you have value. So you don’t hold out for someone who will treat you with honor because you don’t think you deserve any honor”

“Because of the abortion, there were a lot of reasons I was not a good mom.”

But then…Hope. “The turning point in my life was Jesus.” 

“I told him, if you hold onto me, I will hold onto you.”

“I was told about Deeper Still healing retreats in Knoxville. So I went. It was absolutely life-changing for me. Everything changed. The presence of the Lord was there. He put in my heart a desire to speak the truth about abortion and what it really does to women and dispel the lie that you’re not going to think or feel anything about it later. There became a big yearning in my heart to see other people free.”

“I learned to love the person God created me to be.” 

“My message would be directed to two groups: for those who have had an abortion–there is healing, there is hope in this journey. You really don’t have to stay attached to the dark place from a long time ago. There is freedom. God doesn’t want you to be tortured in this life on earth. Jesus really did pay the price for all of us and all our sins and He is the One you go to. It is not anybody else that decides your judgment. It is only Him. And He wants you and loves you beyond anything you can imagine and He just wants you to come to Him because He has more grace and more love than you could ever imagine. And He has something beautiful and incredible in this journey of healing.”

“And for those who are not post-abortive, that you would be a safe place for people to talk about this topic. If I have one passion, it is that we’d be able to talk about abortion with compassion so people know they can get healing, so they are not held hostage to a decision they made probably at a very difficult time in life. We believe the message of the gospel is absolutely true.” -Lisa Mackie

Lisa’s podcast interview with Faith, Hope and Love hosted by Bud and Ames

Lisa’s story is so full of grace, love, redemption, and hope. We love Lisa and we are so thankful for how the Lord has used the ministry of Deeper Still to bring her into deeper level of healing. If you or someone you know has had an abortion, please go to www.GoDeeperStill.org to learn more about our healing retreats and find one near you. Karen’s Ellison’s book Healing the Hurt that Won’t Heal is also available on the website and will help begin your journey of deeper healing. 

Your abortion doesn’t have to define you.

It’s time to find the freedom you deserve.