The Power of Yes

“Then Mary said, ‘ Behold the maidservant of the Lord! Let it be to me according to your word.’ “ Luke 1:38

Father, Let our hearts be as Mary’s the night Gabriel spoke to her.  Let our hearts be filled with a “YES” to all You are wanting to do.  May our response be as Mary’s, “Let it be.”  In Jesus’s Name.

Christmas is approaching.  Wreaths are hung and lights are aglow.  Songs fill the air in department stores and restaurants celebrating the birth of our King Jesus.  And change occurs.  Those who normally wouldn’t lift up their voices in praise, begin praising unaware of the words on their lips.  All around we can admire the changes in the atmosphere as the One who came to save is celebrated.  
One song I love is a more recently written Christmas Carol, “Mary Did You Know.”  When Mary said, “Yes” to the request of her Lord, did she really know how the story would end?  Did she really know all the Lord was going to do?  Could she have known all that was to be?  I don’t believe she truly knew the weight.  I believe the Lord gave her a child-like faith to say yes without knowing all her yes would entail. 
When the Lord comes to us and asks us to do something for Him, He won’t give us all the details and the total plan.  If He did, we would be too overwhelmed.  However, if we step into the “Yes”, we will see miracles happen and see the glory of the Lord. 
Last year, I was faced with an opportunity to say yes or no to a request.  As I was praying about the decision at hand, I felt like I heard the Lord say in my spirit, “You can say no and nothing will change OR You can say yes and see what I will do.”  I was terrified of saying yes.  Fears of failure and insecurity rose up in me.  What if I fail?  What if everyone sees me fail?   But I knew deep within that my weaknesses would make room for the Lord to show up and be strong where I am weak.  
And. He. Did. 
2016 was a year full of the glory of the Lord and full of growth for Deeper Still, and I am so thankful I said yes and was able to witness and be a part of the miracles God did through this ministry.  Lives were changes across the globe.  There is much power in a yes.  What if I would have said no?  I believe the Lord would have risen up someone else to do whatever needed to be done.  However, I would have missed out on the blessing the Lord had for me and wanted to do in me. 
Can you imagine if Mary would have said no?  God would have chosen someone else and we would be singing songs with her name instead! 

What is it that the Lord is asking you to do?  Don’t be afraid.  Just step out in faith and believe. If He is asking you to do it, He will be with you.  For if you say no, nothing may change.  But, what if you say yes, and see what God will do?   As Gabriel said to Mary, “For with God nothing will be impossible.”  Step out in faith and say “Yes. Let it be”. 

Your abortion doesn’t have to define you.

It’s time to find the freedom you deserve.