Your Invitation to Breakthrough

Open-Door with scripture

“Hearing it all laid out like that, they quieted down.  And then, as it sank in, they started praising God.  ‘It’s really happened!  God has broken through to the other nations, opened them up to Life!’”  Acts 11: 18 (MSG)

Father, thank you for breaking through to the nations with the good news of life, healing and freedom.  Many were skeptical but it is happening and we give you praise, honor and glory. Father, we thank you for resources and provision to complete the good work you have begun to bring healing and lasting freedom to the abortion -wounded in the U.S. and around the world.  In Jesus’ Name, Amen. 

Again, we sat across the table and shared the vision the Lord had given us of sharing the good news of the healing message of Jesus Christ with the abortion-wounded to the people of the country we were visiting.  And again, we were met with opposition and skepticism as we were told, “Don’t go.”  “This is too big.”  This can’t be done.”  “It will never work.”

We sat in bewilderment and disbelief at what we heard.  How could we not go when the Lord had said “GO”?  Plus there is the great commission to consider—“Go and make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:19)…He never said just go to the easy ones.

When Peter and Paul began preaching the gospel to nations outside of the nation of Israel, many marveled, especially the religious leaders of the day. It was a bias of their countrymen that the gospel was for only their nation.  Thankfully, the truth that His gospel is for everyone prevailed as Paul led the charge and Peter gained revelation.  Peter and Paul are essentially a part of all of our stories of faith and salvation.

We cannot even imagine in present times someone saying, “Jesus’ message of healing isn’t for that group of people.”  However, that was precisely what we were hearing as we shared what God was leading us to do for His people.  Only it wasn’t because of bias, as in the case of Peter above, but rather a case of unbelief.

As Peter shared His story of all the Lord had revealed to him and done to set those of other nations free, the religious leaders turned from sullen to ecstatic with praise.  We are finding the same.  God is at work in the nations to heal His abortion-wounded church.  The wounds are vast and deep and the need is great.

How can a nation be free to love others when a majority of the body of Christ is walking around wounded? How can the church be healthy and strong and vibrant when living with hidden sin and full of people living in silent shame, guilt and condemnation? (The same could be asked of the American church as well.)

God is breaking through to the nations with His healing message of grace and redemption. He cannot be contained.  He wants all His children healed, restored and free.  The exciting part is that you have the opportunity to be a part of someone’s story!

Peter and Paul listened to the Lord and as a result, the gospel message spread to the nations.  We listened to the Lord rather than to men, and we are seeing God do the miraculous in front of our eyes.

How incredible is it to think we can be a part of someone’s story across the world as they find hope and freedom and healing for the first time?  It’s amazing.  Jesus is breaking through to the nations.  Are you ready to join Him?

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Your abortion doesn’t have to define you.

It’s time to find the freedom you deserve.